Welcome to my collection of retro My Little Pony toys!

My twin sister and I were three years old when Hasbro introduced the My Little Pony toys. It was probably a couple years later that a family member gave us each our first ponies, but ever since then, they were our toys of choice. It was no surprise, given that we were both horse crazy little girls, and would only watch cartoons that featured equine characters; we were also painfully shy introverts, and fantasy stories were our escape, so when My Little Pony became an animated TV series, it was our perfect world!

I recently sought out our old collection of toys, rescuing them from the attic and giving them all a good cleaning, brushing out their hair and storing them induvidually in Ziploc bags. Of course, given the fact that these were our favorite playtoys, many of the earlier editions (especially those ponies featured in the animations) bear childish wear n' tear. I don't consider these ponies in poor condition; I think of it as a reminiscent badge of honor, a way to remember my childhood.

I've decided to take some digital photographs of the ponies and give them some of the spotlight via the worldwide web, and maybe make some friends in the hobby by doing so. I am not a professional photographer, and my camera isn't a fancy model, but I hope you enjoy looking at our collection! Please bear in mind, none of these ponies are for sale, although we do have a handful of doubles that I would be willing to trade. I am interested in rounding out our collection and finding the ponies we do not have, although I don't plan to be an overly active collector, and I am currently only interested in G1 releases.

The website was named after the TV episode "Somnambula" (1987) which was a two-part story that introduced the Big Brother Ponies to the animation; it was titled after the villainess of that show. Of course it was also my sister and my favorite episode -- in fact, her toy of boy-pony Tex still resides in a place of adoration on her bedroom mantle.

Thank you for visiting!

 This picture shows our very first two ponies! Snuzzle (grey with pink hair) was given to a young me, while Butterscotch (all antique gold colored) was my sister's.


News and Updates

July 9, 2009: Website launches! However, the project has only just begun. I have photographed two storage boxes worth of ponies and still need to upload all those images. Then there is four more boxes left to go ... if memory serves me right, we had almost 300 ponies!